Seven Guardians


Summon your most powerful heroes taking up arms against the undead


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Seven Guardians is an epic strategy RPG where players take control of a group of heroes from different species fighting side by side against hoards of the undead. Elves, humans, dwarves, and even golems join forces on your side waging war against the likes of evil demons, skeletons and enemy trolls.

In Seven Guardians battle takes place during real time, and players can unleash their troops at any time. Don't forget that some of your warriors are much stronger against certain specific enemies. Activating your special skills is a possibility at any point during the game, and thanks to this feature, your enemies will face split second destruction.

Between battles, you'll need to recruit new heroes for your team, and train the ones you already have. Of course, these actions require gold coins which you'll gain automatically after beating your opponent during combat battle sequences. You'll also receive gold coins when you face other players in simple PvP mode where you'll get even better prizes for winning.

Seven Guardians is a spectacular strategy RPG that has a much better story mode than other similar titles not to mention its outstanding visuals.
Seven Guardians: Much more than just a tower defense

To say that Seven Guardians is a tower defense is an extreme understatement. The game, just released in a soft launch for Android, offers a huge array of game modes where you lead an army of fantasy creatures through all sorts of challenges. Although the gameplay of 'summoning' units that recharge over time is a common one, the depth with which it's used makes this game one of the best in its genre.
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Android 3.0 or higher required

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